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As president, Morsi issued a temporary constitutional declaration in late November that in effect granted him unlimited powers and the power to legislate without judicial oversight or review of his acts as a pre-emptive move against the expected dissolution of the second constituent assembly by the Mubarak-era judges. On 30 June 2013, protests erupted across Egypt, which saw protesters calling for the president’s resignation. Since his overthrow, Egyptian prosecutors have charged Morsi with various crimes and sought the death penalty, a move denounced by Amnesty International as “a charade based on null and void procedures. His death sentence was overturned in November 2016, so he will receive a retrial. Mohamed Morsi was born in the Sharqia Governorate, in northern Egypt, of modest provincial origin, in the village of El Adwah, north of Cairo, on 8 August 1951.

While living in the United States, Morsi became an Asst. California State University, Northridge from 1982 to 1985. Morsi, an expert on precision metal surfaces, also worked with NASA in the early 1980s, helping to develop Space Shuttle engines. In 1985, Morsi quit his job at CSUN and returned to Egypt, becoming a professor at Zagazig University, where he was appointed head of the engineering department. Morsi was a lecturer at Zagazig University’s engineering department until 2010.

Morsi was first elected to parliament in 2000. He served as a Member of Parliament from 2000 to 2005, officially as an independent candidate because the Brotherhood was technically barred from running candidates for office under Mubarak. Morsi condemned the September 11 attacks as “horrific crime against innocent civilians”. 11 attacks as a pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq, and claimed that the US had not provided “evidence” that the attackers were Muslims. Morsi was arrested along with 24 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders on 28 January 2011.

He escaped from prison in Cairo two days later. Four years later, Morsi faced trial for his role in the prison break. He and 105 others were sentenced to death on 16 May 2015. The court of cassation overturned the death sentence on Morsi and five others and then ordered retrials.