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I sell Rooms click on Red menu above. You can chat avalable for sex me  click on bottom right side chat Box .

He will take your money and send u nothing. BE sure u live chat here and buy from original site owner. 23 Ready made 1 time pay only I do sell non ap dick also . What item you need with your imvu avatar name. Then i will email ya back  with pay link . Do not  use my item in public room.

Even with an AP, IMVU restricts certain content. An AP only allows some avatar nudity and sexual themes. Avatars can’t have aroused genitalia, and users can’t enjoy intimacy aids or realistic sexual acts. The IMVU black market is the best way for adults to have fun without dealing with unfair restrictions. It has a wide variety of virtual goods to fit any sexual fantasy, and you can use these goods in private rooms without hindering the experiences of other users. Among the many items the IMVU black market offers is realistic and non-realistic bodies and genitalia.

Through the IMVU underground you can also select, as you would in a real-world shop, objects that enhance sexual pleasure, such as dildos, strap-ons, vibrators and swings. Other black market goods include rooms and scenes designed with preset intimacy action spots that you and your partner or partners can easily trigger. You can add to these areas furniture and accessories that also have preset sex action spots, such as chairs, mirrors, tables, love seats, and rugs. You can make love on a beach or a balcony, or give in to passion on a bed in the glow of candlelight or on a rug in front of a roaring fire. IMVU TRIGGER DICK,IMVU BLACK MARKET,IMVU UNDERGROUND AP PRODUCTS. The views and expressions here are that of the author and not that of their Corporation, Alliance or EN24. The author is a member of Provi-Bloc and hopes the information provided is unbiased and helpful to all readers and candidates.