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LINK to THE ULTIMATE SCIENCE FICTION WEB GUIDE. We will review your information and add it to this list if appropriate. Try HARD SCIENCE FICTION, but it might be a trick to get you to read any kind of science fiction. Humans Against a Futuristic Setting, With or Without Machines? Try SPACE OPERA, but it might be some related Adventure science fiction.

Humans Carrying Swords or Other Anachronistic Weapons? Try THERE AND BACK AGAIN or UNICORNS IN THE GARDEN, but it might be any kind of “fantasy or fantastic adventure against a cardboard or cliched SF background. Hypermuscled Males Carrying Big Swords and Adorned with Hyperzaftig Females, Both Scant-Clad Against a Threatening Monstrous background? Try HORROR: that old black magic, the really scary stuff. Flying Saucers, Ray Guns, Tentacles, or Bug Eyed Monsters?

Historical Figures in Strange Combinations, Such as Elvis With Hitler, or Civil War Soldiers Carrying Machine Guns? Exotic Flowery Landscape, Perhaps with Castles? Try BEYOND THE FIELDS WE KNOW. Futuristic Buildings, Weirdly Dressed People Looking Scared or Furtive?

Try CYBER PUNK, DYSTOPIA, or CITIES OF THE FUTURE. Several Identical People, or Emphasis on Glowing Eyes? In one sense, the first article to define the field was published over 150 years ago, before the field was widely ackonwledged to exist: New Species of Literature “We learn that Mr. Science Fiction is a branch of fantasy identifiable by the fact that it eases the ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ on the part of its readers by utilizing an atmosphere of scientific credibility for its imaginative speculations in physical science, space, time, social science, and philosophy.

A science fiction story is a story built around human beings, with a human problem, and a human solution, which would not have happened at all without its speculative scientific content. Science fiction is that branch of literature which is concerned with the impact of scientific advance upon human beings. Science fiction is that branch of literature wthat deals with human responses to changes in the level of science and technology. Science fiction is that class of prose narrative wtreating of a situation that could not arise in the world we know, but which is hypothesized on the basis of some innovation in science or technology, or pseudo-science or pseudo-technology, whether human or extraterrestrial in origin. A literary genre developed principally in the 20th Century, dealing with scientific discovery or development that, whether set in the future, or the fictitious present, or in the putative past, is superior to or simply other than that known to exist. The branch of fiction that deals with the possible effects of an altered technology or social system on mankind in an imagined future, an altered present, or an alternative past.

Science fiction deals with improbable possibilities, fantasy with plausible impossibilities. A piece of science fiction is a narrative of an imaginary invention or discovery in the natural sciences and consequent adventures and experience. Bailey, in “The SF Book of Lists”, p. Reginald Bretnor, in “The SF Book of Lists”, p. Science fiction is a label applied to a publishing category and its application is subject to the whims of editors and publishers. Peter Nichols, in “The SF Book of Lists”, p.

A handy short definition of almost all science fiction might read: realistic speculation about possible future events, based solidly on adequate knowledge of the real world, past and present, and on a thorough understanding of the scientific method. Robert Heinlein, in “The SF Book of Lists”, p. Speculative fiction: stories whose objective is to explore, to discover, to learn, by means of projection, extrapolation, analogue, hypothesis-and-paper-experimentation, something about the nature of the universe, of man, of ‘reality’. Judith Merrill, in “The SF Book of Lists”, p. It is that thing that people who understand science fiction point to, when they point to something and say ‘That’s science fiction! Frederik Pohl, in “The SF Book of Lists”, p. Science fiction is hard to define because it is the literature of change and it changes while you are trying to define it.

Tom Shippey, in “The SF Book of Lists”, p. There is only one definition of science fiction that seems to make pragmatic sense: ‘Science fiction is anything published as science fiction’. Norman Spinrad, in “The SF Book of Lists”, p. A literary genre whose necessary and sufficient conditions are the presence and interaction of estrangement and congnition, and whose main formal device is an imaginative framework alternative to the author’s empirical environment.