Over sex can cause prostate cancer

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Reading this may save your life! On April 30, 2013, I got a call from my urologist over sex can cause prostate cancer the report of my recent prostate biopsy. He said there was NO CANCER found in the biopsy and I was CANCER FREE. I could hardly believe what I was hearing as I expected the biopsy to show an increase in my cancer.

UPDATE: As of Sept 17, 2018 I remain cancer free and my PSA is the lowest it has been in 15 years. Read my story below and learn from it on how to live a more healthy life! It now becomes a way for others to follow and do the same thing I did. I have added additional information that I learned about prostate cancer. My doctor and I selected Active Surveillance as treatment. Part of the surveillance is to get a PSA test every 3-6 months. When my PSA went up to 5.

I had my first biopsy, followed by a second biopsy 4 months later. 15, 2010 my doctor gave me the option of taking Avodart. Based on preliminary results of testing in 18,000 men it showed that Avodart may help reduce the number of cancer cells. I took Avodart for 1 year. I discontinued Avodart because I did not like the side-effects and I did not need to take it. I became Cancer Free in full remission following a biopsy on April 25, 2013. The other good part of all this is at 84, I do not take any drugs for any disease processes and my health remains very good.

Research into 1000’s of articles published daily on the internet, searching for what helps with prostate cancer. Perodic Conversations with 5 experts on prostate cancer. I had an appointment and he looked at my PSA records and ordered a prostate biopsy, 12 cores. I had the biopsy and returned to his office for a report. I did have cancer and would need treatment. I had done my homework and knew some questions I needed to ask.