Registrable sex offenses in ky

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June 5, 2018 Individuals convicted of one or more registerable offenses on or after January 21, 1996 must register as a sex offender with the Division of Criminal Justice Services. Additionally, any person convicted of registrable sex offenses in ky registerable offense who was incarcerated or under parole or probation supervision for the offense on January 21, 1996 is required to be registered. Below are three categories of offenses which require registration. New York State Penal Law Sex Offenses The following list contains the New York State Penal Law statutes for which registration as a sex offender is required.

1 If the underlying offense is a class A or a class B felony, then the offense of luring a child shall be considered respectively, a class C felony or class D felony. 3 A registerable offense only if the victim is less than seventeen years old and the offender is not the parent of the victim. 4 A registerable offense only if the person patronized is in fact less than seventeen years old. 5 A registerable offense unless the trial court finds that registration would be unduly harsh and inappropriate. The Attempt version of this offense is registerable for those offenders who committed the offense on or after Sept. 23, 2011, or who previously committed the offense but were still under sentence as of that date.

6 Where the person prostituted was less than 17 years old. Offender must have been convicted on or after Jan. 010 Complaint — Duties of county attorney and court-designated worker. 020 Criteria for determining how child is to be tried.