Sex and the city carrie wedding scene princess

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Charlotte York’s Sex and the city carrie wedding scene princess East Side apartment. Well, the exterior of it anyway. This apartment originally belonged to Charlotte’s first husband, Trey.

The two moved into it after they got married in the third season of Sex and the City. LOL On the morning of her would-be nuptials, Carrie and the girls head out of this building and into a waiting limousine. Stalk It: Charlotte and Harry’s apartment is located at 930 Park Avenue on New York’s stylish Upper East Side. What is the exact adress from this building so i can look it up on à map? Charlotte SO wouldn’t have gotten that apt in real life! It was the premarital property of her 1st husband. I think the fact that she got it in the divorce was more due to the fact that Trey still loved her at some level and wanted her to have it, rather than Harry’s legal skills.

My modern definition of a Park Avenue Princess is best defined by Charlotte York on Sex and the City or even as a retro throw back, Betty Draper on Mad Men. Many stylish female leads have come and gone in TV land, but none of them have quite left their mark like Carrie Bradshaw. From the moment she appeared on screen women everywhere began to bow down to the one female that could truly pull off any look. Not only did Carrie Bradshaw take fashion to the next level, but she single handily changed the face of high end brands like Manolo Blahnik, Dior, and of course Chanel. Over Sex And The City’s six seasons, and two feature film run Carrie Bradshaw made several items in her closet world famous.