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I find myself spending a fair amount of time writing about the show’s characters, despite the fact that it’s been off the air sex and the city politician actor more than a decade. MORE: 35 Reasons Why I Think Carrie Bradshaw Is an Asshole I’ve noticed, however, that a lot less attention gets paid to the men of the show than the women. Not the Aidans, the Steves, and the Mr.

For example, did you know that the tiny character Barclay — a young artist friend of Carrie’s who had a thing for taping himself having sex with models in Season 1 — is now the star of the USA hit Suits? Or that Bill Kelley, the politician with a penchant for golden showers, is John Slattery, who went on to star as Roger Sterling in Mad Men? Fans of SATC already know Theroux played two different characters in two different episodes—in two different seasons. His Season 1 showing as writer Jared—one of New York magazine’s “30 Coolest People Under 30″—was smarmy and totally laughable, especially when he tries to hit on Carrie at Luna Park by asking if he can take her home. Spoiler alert: He couldn’t, because she makes Mr. Big meet her outside the bar at 3 a.

His Season 2 appearance as writer Vaughn Wysel was more memorable than his Season 1 role. Not only did Vaughn suffer from premature ejaculation, but Carrie—and most viewers—fell in love with his ultra-liberal Upper West Side family. The rocker plays a photographer whom Carrie meets in their shared shrink’s waiting room. Their fling lasted as long as dinner and drinks at Cafeteria, a game of Twister, and some time in bed before Seth admits he loses interest in women after he sleeps with them.

Yes, Carrie, you pick the wrong men. Bravo’s head honcho—a good friend of SJP IRL—appeared in the show’s final season, as a department-store shoe salesman. He had no lines, but his signature smile is unmistakable. Carrie meets this slick “tall drink of water” while in L. She house-hunts with him, makes out with him, and ultimately hops into bed with him, only to find out he’s Carrie Fisher’s personal assistant. A hot doctor for the Knicks, Robert moves into Miranda’s apartment building and becomes her boyfriend. Despite his charm, Miranda was still too in love with Steve to give him a fair shake.

Plus, he said “I love you” on a cookie. In 1998, Macht had a bit part as an artist friend of Carrie’s who likes to record sex with models. Thirteen years later, he landed the lead role of Harvey Specter in USA’s “Suits. You might have known that Charlotte had some fun with this Hasidic artist, but you might not have realized the actor also appeared in the HBO hit “True Detective” as Errol Childress. Well-known comedian and actor Gaffigan played Doug, a cartoonist for the New Yorker who hooked up with Miranda—until she got fed up with his affinity for going to the bathroom without closing the door.

When Carrie gets cast in a charity fashion show, the flamboyant Oscar—or “O”—dressed her in a floral gown before switching her outfit to jeweled underwear and little else. Not that it mattered, since Carrie wiped out on the runway and became “fashion roadkill. Matthew plays an amped-up version of himself who’s interested in turning her columns into a movie—and who thinks “nobody’s cooler than Mr. Arnett—then an unknown—played a guy Miranda picks up at a used bookstore, and who has a penchant for sex in public places.

Ray gave Carrie the most intense orgasm of her life, but ultimately his assumed ADD got in the way. Callen—who plays Harry Goldenblatt’s best friend—has a one-night fling with Carrie, whose overzealous sex moves leave her basically crippled. Since then, the actor and comedian has appeared on several TV shows, hosted the E! Bank of Hollywood,” and hosted his own podcast. On “SATC,” Gregg played a guy who lied to Miranda about being a surgeon when he was actually a manager at Foot Locker. Now, he’s best known for his role as Phil Coulson in “Iron Man,” “Iron Man 2,” “Thor,” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” and in ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.