Sex circus

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When it comes to experimenting with gay sex, some people are totally comfortable being open about it. They’re comfortable in their own skin and about their sexuality, so admitting that they’ve tested out the waters with someone of the same sex isn’t sex circus that big of a deal.

Then again, that’s not going to be the case with everyone — least of all with straight men. Have you ever experimented with the same sex? Let us know in the comments! Straight men can be something of an anomaly.

Most of them will play the uber-straight card, and the thought of them even breathing on a guy seems completely out of a character, but then they come out of left field and completely throw you for a loop. With women, it’s always been a bit different compared to men when it comes to experimenting with the same sex. Men are constantly battling with their manhood, so testing the waters elsewhere often feels impossible. Then again, maybe men aren’t quite as stubbornly straightlaced as we have them painted as. Maybe they’re just shyer in general.

Because, as it turns out, according to sociology doctoral student Tony Silva of the University of Oregon, not only are straight guys more interested in gay sex than we may have ever considered — it’s especially prevalent in places we might never have expected. LGBTQIA Symbolism: What Do All These Flags Mean? A Message from Kenneth Feld On Sunday, May 21, Ringling Bros. We want to thank all of our fans for supporting Ringling Bros. In the fifty years that my family has been producing Ringling Bros. We hope you enjoy this video, which captures the spirit of the performers, the excitement of the crowd, and the passion and emotion of the entire event. We believe it shows what made Ringling Bros.

Feld Entertainment or its subsidiary, Ringling Bros. Since 2012, Winchester Science Festival has been held annually at the Winchester Discovery Centre. Run and managed by a band of volunteers, some of whom were Directors of Winchester Science Foundation, the company behind the Festival, it’s grown year on year. In 2017, the Festival took on its first part-time, short term, paid staff member. This, we all agreed, made the festival better than it had ever been before. This staff member was supported and managed by the Directors, who took an active role in curating the event. But we know that for a Festival to continue, it needs to change, too.