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Follow the link for more information. The North Vietnamese launched a wave of attacks in the late night hours of 30 January in the I and II Corps Tactical Zones of South Vietnam. This early attack did not sex dam vinh hung to widespread defensive measures. Although the initial attacks stunned both the U.

South Vietnamese armies, causing them to temporarily lose control of several cities, they quickly regrouped, beat back the attacks, and inflicted heavy casualties on North Vietnamese forces. During the Battle of Huế, intense fighting lasted for a month, resulting in the destruction of the city. Hanoi erred in its belief that the offensive would trigger a supportive uprising of the population. NVA and Viet Cong troops throughout the South, from Hue to the Mekong Delta, attacked in force for the first time in the war, but to heavy cost as ARVN and American troops killed 20,000 of the Viet Cong and NVA in less than a month.

February 1968 offensive, but it can also include the so-called “Mini-Tet” offensives that took place in May and August, or the 21 weeks of unusually intense combat which followed the initial attacks in January. During the fall of 1967, the question of whether the U. South Vietnam weighed heavily on the minds of the American public and the administration of President Lyndon B. Provided with an enemy intelligence windfall accrued during Operations Cedar Falls and Junction City, the CIA members of the group believed that the number of Viet Cong guerrillas, irregulars, and cadre within the South could be as high as 430,000.