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Practice Team Our team of doctors, nurses and health care assistant work together to provide sex health clinic redditch with the very best health care. We have a dedicated team of receptionists and administrative staff who are here to help you get the most out of our services. Do please ask if you have any questions.

To find out more, click on the tabs below. Dr Rosie Savage joined the practice in 1989. She has a particular interest in children’s health, heart disease, epilepsy and learning disability. Dr Rehana Butt has been with the practice since 1991.

She has special interest in women’s health, diabetes and asthma. Dr Amer Salim joined the practice in 1995. His special interests are heart disease and dermatology. He is a GP Trainer and Chair of Wandsworth Local Medical Committee. Dr Shaheen Haq joined the practice in 1995. She is interested in women’s health, contraception and disease prevention.

She is also a trained homeopath. Dr Sy Ahsan joined the practice in 2003. She has an interest in family planning, women’s healthcare and nutrition. Dr Matthew Beddoe joined the practice in 2010.

His interests include diabetes, heart disease and psychiatry. He also has a role in healthcare commissioning in Wandsworth. Dr Joe Besser joined the practice in 2017 as a GP Registrar. Registrars in General Practice are our GPs of the future. Prospective GPs now spend a minimum of four years in further training following graduation from university, in both hospital and general practice medicine, before being fully qualified GPs. The practice has always been heavily involved in the training of future GPs. The Practice regularly employs ‘Registrars’, who are fully qualified doctors, registered with the General Medical Council.