Sex searchengines

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There are currently 74 categories to choose sex searchengines blocking. Please find below a short description of each category. If you want to get an impression how many domains and urls are listed in each category please see our list status overview. All about advertising: This includes sites offering banners and banner creation as well as sites delivering banners to be shown in webpages.

This coveres hate speech and all kinds of racism. Sites of breweries, wineries and destilleries. This category also covers sites that explain howto make beer, wines and spirits. This category covers sites providing vpn services to the public.

The focus is on vpn sites used to hide the origin of the traffici like tor nodes. The category does not include company vpn accesses. Included are vendor sites, resellers, fan and hobby pages as well as and suppliers. Included are automobile companies and automotive suppliers. All around planes ranging from small one and two seaters up to the large traffic planes, old and new, private, commercial and military.

Helicopter sites are included as well. Sites for realtime chatting and instant messaging. Sites to contact people for love and live together. He seeks her, she seeks him and so on. This covers mostly filesharing, p2p and torrent sites. Covers tabacco as well as viagra and similar substances.