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Sex ed talk at SUNY Oswego, March 4 Hi internet! I’ve sex shop vancouver back from blog exile to tell you that I’ll be talking, in person, about learning about sex, at SUNY Oswego on Tuesday, March 4. It’s part of their women’s center’s plans for American women’s herstory month. I’ll be talking about where I’m at with do-it-yourself sex ed and anti-authoritarian sexuality in general, and about ways to apply never ending streams of big ideas to your own sex life without losing your mind.

Little patterns for learning about sex. If modern sexuality information comes from anti-oppression movements like feminism, civil rights and queer liberation, why is so much sex education delivered by authorities like parents, teachers, doctors, experts and celebrities? It’s hard to be sexually empowered when someone is telling us what is best and what to do, even if they have the best intentions. This is a collection of tools for learning about sexuality, drawn from do-it-yourself philosophies, unschooling, anti-oppression and pro-equality movements, nonviolence, a lot of sex activism and education, and some network mathematics for good measure. If Oswego is your neighbourhood, I hope you come say hi! I’ll post the text and any notes online after the event. Get the latest sports news and commentary by following NBC Sports.