So weird questions about sex

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You probably never learned this weird trivia so weird questions about sex health class. Think you know everything there is to know about what happens in the boudoir? First, stop calling it “the boudoir.

Ohio State University researchers found that male college students think about sex 19 times per day, versus 10 times daily for female college students. The average erect penis is 5. 6 inches, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Guys, don’t worry so much about it. A lot of girls don’t even care. A survey by Durex condoms found that Greeks have the most sex. The “G” in G-Spot comes from the doctor who “discovered” it in the 1940s, Dr.

That’s proof men can find itwhat’s your excuse? Sex burns off an average of 100 calories for men, according to the University of Montreal. 200 if you’re doing it right. And the number of calories burned for women is, no joke, 69. Indiana University Journal of Sexual Medicine. You’re not the only thing your grandparents kiss with those lips.

Penile enlargement surgery only adds half an inch on average. Frans de Waal, a world-renowned researcher of chimpanzee behavior, is quoted as saying, ” just love sex play. They have so much sex, it gets boring. Can you imagine becoming bored of sex? There’s an average of 280 million sperm in every male ejaculation.