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According to some reports, if you are a student at Crane High School in Texas, there’s about a one in fifteen chance that you have chlamydia. There’s also a good chance that you’ve never taken a sex education the sex education show uk youtube music. Officials from the Crane Independent School District have sent a letter to parents informing that at least 20 cases out of the 300 students at the high school had been reported. In fact, Texas state law requires any sex-ed course to devote more attention to abstinence than any other behavior.

And students must be taught that abstinence until marriage is the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. According to Dallas County Health and Human Services records, sexually transmitted diseases have risen sharply in recent years, with syphilis diagnoses increasing by 31 percent between 2012 and 2013. Let’s just not think about sex, pregnancies, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, including herpes and AIDS, prostitution, rape,sodomy, homosexuality, and SCIENCE. They’re just too young for that in high school! Idiotic Republican bible thumpers just don’t get it! It’s close, but once again Texas, takes the lead away from FL and OK in the race to become America’s Stupidest State. Is anyone surprised that this happened in Texas?

One of the most socially backward states in the country? Isn’t crane county a blue county though? Not all Texas school districts are the same. This article is misleading because it picks one small district to represent the entire state. My wife is a retired school nurse who taught an abstinence plus sex ed curriculum at elementary, middle, and high school levels. Although abstinence is emphasized all the age appropriate facts are taught and student questions answered. Parents had the option to review the program and opt out if they chose.