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Start from the UB homepage or A-Z index and try again. Finding that extra funding that will help you change your life is never easy. It can seem like a disheartening venture, especially when looking at loans and repayments. But have you ever considered applying for a grant?

IF you qualify for a specific grant. For the vast majority of grants, you don’t pay anything. You simply APPLY and cross your fingers while waiting to see if you get approved. NOT EASY to get grant money. You have to apply, apply, and keep applying — sometimes for many, many different grants. It’s often a numbers game — and a numbers game where you actually need to meet the criteria for the grants you are applying.

You need to find grants you may qualify for, spend the time cooking up a quality application for it, find another grant, apply for that, and rinse and repeat. The easiest grants to get are SCHOOL grants which come from the federal government. Outside of school grants — grants that offer rent help, business help, or direct financial aid — often are very difficult to get. For example you may get a grant to further your education. The people, or more usually, the organization awarding the grant, will decide who gets it based on who has the greatest need.